Five Dogs That Deserve *Bling* Like Their Celeb Owners

Although these pups are definitely spoiled by most canine standards, they deserve a little bling to brighten their day. After all, keeping their celebrity masters in line can’t be easy. Let’s take a look at some of the most deserving little doggies that ever walked down a red carpet :


Who could forget the cutest little Chihuahua to ever pop her head out of a designer handbag? Paris Hilton’s favorite living fashion accessory definitely deserves a little sparkle of her own to match her bubbly little doggy personality. The paparazzi frequently spot Tinkerbell sporting a variety of embellished collars as she accompanies Paris around town, and she’s seen drinking from her own Bling H2O bottle just as often. Paris and Tinkerbell have made Chihuahuas so popular that they’re even featured in at least nine Meche Nice Doggies charms.

Bit Bit

Brittney Spear’s little white pooch is just as popular as Tinkerbell, but Bit Bit might be even more spoiled. Don’t be surprised to see this puppy eating off Brittney’s plate in a posh eatery. Of course, she’ll be dressed for the occasion with her very own diamond studded collar. In addition to the neck-wear, Bit Bit has her own wardrobe including pajamas and frilly little dresses!


While Flossie is too proud of her flea market roots to actually wear anything as pretentious as a jewel-encrusted collar, she sure deserves one. In return for being rescued by Drew Barrymore, this chow/lab mix actually saved her owner from a fire that broke out in their home. Flossie would probably be just as happy with a large jar of doggy treats!


If Elton John’s cocker spaniel wasn’t decked out in full bling when he stood in as the best man during Elton’s commitment ceremony with long-time beau David Furnish, he sure deserved some! Blinged-out or not, we’re sure that Arthur and his fellow canines in the John household are doing pretty well for themselves. Elton John is well known for adopting rescue dogs and giving them a great life.

Little Man

OK, Little Man is not a dog; he’s actually a very pampered cat. However, he’s worth adding to the list because his owner, fashion diva Cameron Diaz, takes him with her on virtually every shopping spree. In addition to expanding her own wardrobe, Ms. Diaz positively loves showering Little Man with his own high-end fashion choices. He may very well be the best-dressed kitty in Hollywood!

Hmmmmm,,, This short list illustrates just how good a dog’s life can be in the spotlight- though there’s tons of other celebrities out there with spoiled pets. Let us know how you spoil your favorite pet.


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